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You have questions,
We have answers.

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If  you do not see an answer to a question you have, feel free to contact us using the button below and a member of our team will respond.

If this is your first cleaning with our company, we would require to start with a deep cleaning and then you can switch to a recurring cleaning schedule at the frequency that best fits your needs.

In order for the housekeeper to do her job, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items.

The housekeeper will not know where your personal items belong and we prefer that they do not go into your closets or drawers to put things away.

When you schedule your appointment , please communicate any specific wishes to the office, your priorities, and possible areas that you may have concerns about.

Please make sure that we know how we are going to get into your home if you are away: Key location, entry code, alarm code (if necessary)

Recurring General Cleaning commonly occurs on a Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly schedule.

More Detailed Cleaning is a Deep Cleaning of your home/office, it is usually scheduled as your first cleaning.

We also offer Move-Out or Move-In Cleanings.

Custom House Cleaning is Cleaning to meet your very specific needs or desires.

We can make adjustments such as:

Clean only the Kitchen, Bathrooms, or Bedrooms. Just let us know what you would like us to do.

All of the services listed on our Cleaning checklist and any additional areas from your priority list.

We are available to clean your home

Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm

The first appointment usually starts at 8:00am and the last around 3:00pm.

Sundays are available, though our rates are a bit higher for this service.

Our office hours are:

Monday through Sunday 8:00am – 8:00pm

This is up to you.

Most of our costumers are not at home when we come to clean.

We will make personal and confidential arrangements with you on how to gain access to the house:

  • You can let the housekeeper in and show her how to let herself out,
  • You can give our office a key beforehand,
  • You can make our office a copy of your key to keep on file,
  • You can hide the key or
  • You can stay at home.

However, if there is going to be somebody that is under 18 years old at the time of the cleaning, an adult has to be home to supervise that minor.

We do not want to responsible for looking over them.

We love animals, but sometimes they don’t love us.

If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are in your home, please

make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed off room).


Please feel free to leave a note or email the office.

Regardless of the reason, we very much appreciate your communication.

If you have a special request, have a concern, or are pleased with how well we clean, please let us know.

We normally call you after your initial cleaning to confirm your satisfaction.

The owners of the company have very high standards and we strive to instill that philosophy in our maids.

We are here to serve you and your satisfaction is our job.

Your housekeeper can provide all products and supplies necessary, as most clients prefer at NO EXTRA charge.

However, if you would like to provide any products or supplies, by all means let your housekeeper know!

Our housekeepers are happy to accommodate.

Under normal circumstances we will send a team of 4 thoroughly trained professional maids to clean your home

If it is an unusually large job, we may send more than 4 housekeepers

We try to, but that doesn’t always work out.

All of the housekeepers provide the same consistent service to every costumer, so you should feel like you are receiving the same quality service no matter who the team is.

However, if you would like to make a change, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yes..! You can easily identify us because we wear uniforms with our company logo.

You must provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning.

A lock out is if our team shows up to clean and no notice to cancel was given, you will be charged a 50% of the service price.

Payment is due at the time of service. We gladly accept checks, cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

There is a 3% fee paying with card. First service would be charge by credit or debit card and then you can switch to any other payment.


Your card will be charged. As soon as it gets approved you will automatically receive a receipt via email.

If you are going to pay with a check please make it payable to The Duster Crew. There will be a fee of $25 for returned checks.

In case that happens please call our office to notify us.

If you can not bring payment to the maid while she is in your house, you can pay with a credit card over the phone.

If we do not receive a payment within 2 weeks of your cleaning we will file a claim in small claims court and you will be responsible for all of the fees.

Gratuity is accepted and appreciated, but never expected.

For those who choose to tip, a common mount is 15-20% of your total cleaning fee.

Please call us within 24 hours if something was missed.

We take pride in our work and if we miss something, please let us know so that we can correct that oversight as quickly as possible.

All of our cleaning service charges are final, we do not offer refunds on services that have been provided.

We guarantee our service and will return to correct the mistake at no additional charge.

We very much appreciate your feedback!

We choose only the very best candidates that apply to work for our company.

Before even being considered, each candidate must undergo a thorough criminal background check.

For your protection, all housekeepers undergo thorough background and reference check. In addition to this, we have a bonding insurance.

Yes!!! We are fully insured.

While every effort is made to use great care in your home, sometimes accidents do happen.

Our housekeepers are trained to immediately notify our office (and you) if something is damaged or broken so that we can handle the situation as soon as possible.

If we should damage or break something, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or if necessary will be replaced.